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Updated on 10.17.17

Text converter

The Spines text converter transforms the text of your documents into ideas that are automatically added to the path of your choice.

The Spines text converter

Begin by copying text from any document or web page and pasting it into the converter text box. Each text paragraph separated by a line break will become a new idea of your path. You can edit the text before converting it into ideas and also you can use Markdown to add style, images and links to the text you want to convert.

Optionally, you can add a reference material to connect every converted idea so that they appear grouped in your path.

Opciones de exportación

Many of the tools you already use —Google Docs, Evernote and similar ones— offer different formatting options to export your documents. Take advantage of it and export your texts in Markdown, which makes it easy to add style, images and links to your ideas. Also, our text converter supports Markdown wonderfully.

Preview before converting

Use the preview to verify that your text is correctly formatted before converting it.

Some ideas and use examples

Add your PDFs to your paths

Convert the most interesting parts of your documents and PDFs into ideas that you can add to your paths to edit, expand and connect with the rest of your knowledge.

Dump your notes from a meeting or brainstorming

Instantly transform the notes from your meetings into ideas. Keep an archive of all your notes that you can easily review and reuse.

Store the notes and highlights from the books you read

Create a path with the best ideas of everything you read to serve as permanent inspiration. You can add a material with the name of each source to group the ideas you convert each time you finish a book.