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Updated on 01.05.17


Now you can upload all types of files from your devices to Spines to use them as materials in your paths through Google Drive. You can use pdfs, Word documents, ebooks, mind maps, images… everything you need to study can be incorporated into your paths.

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Local files

All the materials you upload will be stored in a Materials Library folder in your Google Drive account, so they will also be available from your Google Docs to use or share them with other people.

Google Drive files

Every file in your Google Drive account can also be easily included as a material in any of your Spines paths.

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We’ll ask for your permission to access your Google Drive account the first time you try to add a file, so you can upload local files or import everything you already have in your Drive account to your paths in Spines.

Disconnect Google Drive from Spines

At any time you can disconnect Google Drive from your Spines account. Just access the Preferences of your Spines account and disconnect Google Drive.

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