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Updated on 05.03.16


There are many different ways of sharing a path in Spines.


You can export your path and save it as a Word document (.docx) from the Save as link in the Document menu.

Internet Publishing

Amongst the Sharing options you will find Publish this path online, an option to create a web page with the ideas and materials from your path so anybody can access and see your work.

Share it with anyone just by sending them the link. To make sure everybody sees it, you could also post the link to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your own blog.

Paths published in Spines will appear in your public profile and everybody can visit or copy—not modify—your publications.

See an example of every path published in the public profile of Spines (and feel free to copy the ones you like to your account).

Private Sharing

Similarly, you can share a path in private with the people you choose sending a simple link. Unlike the public paths, you won’t be able to access it if you don’t have the link.

A private path doesn’t appear listed in your public profile, and you need somebody to send you the link to be able to access its contents. Perfect to get feedback from your peers of your work in progress.

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