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Updated on 05.03.16


Your Spines account can hold as many learning paths as you need, as long as you want. One path can contain ideas about a single topic, notes from a whole subject, an entire book or your doctoral thesis.

Every Spines path is made of two elements: ideas and materials.

The Learning Path

A path is a list made of ideas and materials about a subject you want to learn. This document you are now reading is a path to learn how Spines work.

You can add new ideas to a path and then edit, reorder or move them to another one. This is the place where most of your work take place.

Ideas can have a #hashtag included directly in their description and color labels to organize them as you like. Try putting a color label in this idea.

The #hashtag you add to ideas allow instant filtering by clicking on it.

My Paths

The My Paths page is a list of every path you have created in Spines, sorted by last edited.

Here you can access every path, change the sort order or the display mode and delete the paths you no longer need.

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