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Updated on 05.03.16


Materials can be links to any kind of online resource, YouTube videos, PDF files, your local files, Google Drive files or simple titles to organize your ideas into sections. Learn more about materials.

Materials Sidebar

The materials sidebar, to the right of the ideas, shows materiales connected to every path.

You can add materials from the Add Material link in the menu or using the Spines now for Chrome extension.

Spines tries to autocomplete the description, image and other kinds of useful information when you add a new material. You can edit that information directly from the materials sidebar, or visiting the Materials Library. If you play a video directly from the materials sidebar it’s easier to take notes at the same time.

Materials Library

The Materials Library holds every material you have added to Spines.

The library displays the detail view of every material so you can edit its information, consult the paths and ideas it is connected to or visit again the original source.

The library offers you a bird’s view of all the materials you have collected, and you can easily find those you want to reuse in another path.

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