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Updated on 05.03.16

Capture, elaborate and share

Passive note-taking is not enough to learn something. You should elaborate over these ideas and make connections between them.

Spines is designed to boost this working mode, where collecting information is not as important as processing it to be able to understand it and learn.

Taking notes from materials and extracting your own ideas to elaborate over them and make connections is the best way of learning any kind of subject.


Spines helps you collect your study materials from any link and organize them in paths by topic.

Spines captures automatically the relevant information of every material so you don’t have to. Of course, you can always add or change details of every material individually.

Use the collected materials in any path to extract notes from them, to connect them to other ideas and as aditional information about your working subject.

Furthermore, you will find available two useful helpers:


Elaborating over the notes you write is the most important part of your learning process. Besides organizing information in short, easy to digest fragments, you should rewrite these notes with your own words to simplify and interiorize them, making sure they remain understandable.

This is the moment to complete your information with other sources or your own ideas and get rid of irrelevant notes. Organize and categorize all the information you have.

Connect the new ideas with your previously stored knowledge in Spines to consolidate them. Making connections between new information and what you already know—as your brain does—is the best way of building your personal knowledge network.

### Share

Sharing knowledge with another people is the best way to learn new things and broaden your worldview. What others know makes us grow and show us new perspectives that maybe we wouldn’t have reached on our own.

With Spines, you can share your work online or in private. Make a team with more people or publish information only for those you choose. Get feedback from your peers o send them corrections. Keep improving with every thing you share.

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