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Updated on 01.03.17

Map view

Connect your ideas visually

Select an idea and click on the connector of each idea you want to link. To disconnect ideas, simply click again on the connector that joins them.

You can reposition the map by dragging it with the mouse (or with your fingers if you are on a phone or tablet). Augment or reduce the map with the zoom controls on the left.

Help map

Describe your connections

Add keywords to your idea connections to visualize new contexts and ideas more easily.

The Spines connections map has a huge span of practical applications that allow you to learn in a more efficient, deep and entertaining way.

Describe the relationships

If you have well-defined relationships between the connections in every important aspect of your ideas, it is very difficult to forget because they become part of a narrative.

If you are enrolled in a course and know in advance the learning outcomes or skills you will acquire, connect your ideas to show what you have achieved.

Design a timeline

Dates are more significant when you understand the context and the important events taking place at the same time.

Make logical idea pairs

Premise and deduction. Experiment and result. Causes and consequences… It is easier to understand and learn in depth guided by what the connections share than to memorize isolated fragments of information.

Invent your own way of connecting

There’s no strict method to follow, here you make the decisions. Any way of linking ideas together helps you to reflect, understand and learn more deeply. Do you have a better idea? Go ahead and try it.

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