Your organization is a living system

Change by learning

We help leaders go beyond the usual transformational change program and learn new ways of looking at their organizations. We build capacity and guide clients in creating better workplaces by improving learning at all levels.

New lenses

How do you look at your workplace?

Don't you feel that everything is connected, messy and it is getting harder to make sense of what your company is and how it works? You are not alone.

Knowledge work is driven by curious minds, developing new ideas, reframing old ones, mixing information, experimenting with new ways of collaboration, thinking differently.

Every individual in the organization is connected with more people inside the organization that any organizational chart can map. But most importantly they are part of bigger networks outside the organization that influence their work, nurture with ideas and feedback…

The world is moving towards a new scenario where most of the work will take place in self-organizing networks of people (and machines?). Trying to control these networks introducing traditional managerial constraints is like trying to fly by controlling the wind.

Broaden your perspective

Complex problems, uncertain scenarios, rapid changing environments, these are the challenges that we face in modern organizations. We bring you models to see patterns in complexity.

Spines help you inquiry your context from different perspectives, experiment new mindsets, paint a bigger picture connecting people's ideas from inside and outside the organization.

We do it by partnering to come up with a new vision, develop and execute strategies and improve processes, practices and eventually the culture, to better deliver important products and services. Our approach develops internal capacity to experiment, understand and discover innovative solutions to complex problems. We share new lenses to look, think and work in the knowledge age.

New tools


Some ideas are easily understood with words, some require more. Almost everything is better learned with visuals or just by doodling while you try to interpret it. Narratives and visuals are two underused resources that promote sense-making and agreement. Visual thinking, Storytelling, Narratives Socialization, Visual Management, Visual Policy Deployment, are a part of the skills we help with.


You may see scientific thinking exclusively as professional scientists business, but it’s actually a skill for us all. Design experiments to solve problems, test alternatives or understand contexts, gain or assess knowledge. Scientific learning and decision making makes us more adaptive and creative in the face of uncertainty. Systems Thinking, Scientific Thinking, Complexity Thinking are different mindsets needed to confront accelerated change.


Talent shortage is not going to be solved any soon. Organizations that deliberately focus on developing people have a big advantage over those that rely on constantly acquiring new talent (and losing it). Lean Mindset, Continuous improvement, Growth mindset, Personal Mastery, Technical Excellence, are some of the topics we work with our clients.


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