Connected learning

Spines helps educational institutions, companies and people to build deep, enduring knowledge.

Spines is notes for learning

Become aware of your learning process and improve it in a simple way.



Take notes, write ideas and assemble your study materials directly from any source with the Add to Spines button. Gather all your knowledge in one place.



Break down information into pieces.
Take notes with your own words to simplify and understand everything. Connect these new ideas with your previously stored data to build your personal network of knowledge.



Share your finished work online or privately. Make a team to work together or go solo for a while. Get feedback from your mates or send it for review. Keep improving with every thing you share.

Learners are fearless

I don’t have enough time. There’s too much to study.
My materials are a mess. I'm going to fail.

You can do better than that. We can help.

Spines allows you to learn. It gives you space and time to think. It helps you focus on what’s important, encourages you to write, and invites you to improve upon what you have done before.

Learning is a slightly different process for every person or subject you study. We are here to help you success.

So tell us: What do you do?

Spines For Education

Spines is a powerful learning tool and a better way to attain real knowledge. Flexible enough to use in any kind of learning endeavour, Spines helps the students to perform and the teachers to instruct.

Spines integrates seamlessly with university courses and nurtures the organization, teamwork and personal development that is often required for learning. Find out how Spines can help you and your institution.

Learning with Spines

Universidad de Zaragoza

Universidad de Zaragoza

Escuela universitaria de turismo de Zaragoza

Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Zaragoza

Flexible And Free

From just labeling a single idea to exporting fully-formed documents, Spines serves a lot of different purposes on your way to learning.

Check out every Spines feature here.

The Science Behind Spines

Spines is a tool designed to help you collect and memorize information in connected chunks, like you would naturally do.

Learning something is easier and more productive when you do it the way your brain works.

For those walking the path

Capture your ideas with the Spines now mobile app or Chrome extension.

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