Ready for September

Adriano Latorre
Published on
September 15, 2016

Pablo, Adri, Rodri, Francho and Rafa: the Spines product team.

We are back from holidays, focused and ready, and we want you to be able to get in the zone easily to keep learning.

So to hit the ground running with an unmatched learning experience, we bring you the fastest, cleanest and more precise Spines update we have ever built. These are the main features we have included:

Fast and precise controls for each and every one of your ideas

Fast menu

Edit, label or reorder your ideas without effort. Now you have the controls for each idea so near and they work so fast that it would be a shame to leave unreviewed those ideas you know you can improve on.

Write clearly and focused with the inline editor

Inline editor

Focus to write without distractions in the new inline editor. Add or edit ideas at full speed anywhere on your notes, with gorgeous big fonts and distinctive colors.

Independent-scrolling materials sidebar with one-click previews

Independent scroll and video notes

Scroll your materiales exactly where you need them, because now they stick with you no matter what idea you want to consult or rewrite. Click once to display the material description, image or video. Zoom in the thumbnail to enlarge the image or to reproduce the video directly from the sidebar, for comfortable note-taking.


So fast, it includes no distractions


Spines now works faster than ever, which means it is lighter and more comfortable to use. More precise. With a clear, better organized appearance. With no time for distractions.

Seriously, we do hope that you will find Spines more useful than past versions. We’d love to hear you opinion and receive your comments via Twitter, Facebook or through the app itself. Have a great journey back, say goodbye to August and join the learning revolution with Spines.

Bye bye, August.

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