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Adriano Latorre
Published on
May 17, 2016

Learning constantly and keeping your knowledge updated is an essential task. That’s why we created Spines: to enhance the learning abilities of every individual, whether they are students, teachers, researchers, writers or amateurs.


You need a tool to help you in your learning, and we want to keep developing new and better ways to learn. That’s why we are unveiling Spines Pro and Spines Plus, two new plans that answer the needs of any kind of student and helps us to keep researching methods of learning improvement.

We are introducing our new study plans: Spines One, Spines Pro y Spines Plus, three plans designed to better suit your learning needs. You can choose between a free plan, a subscription one and one custom-made for educational institutions and companies.

Spines Plans

Spines Pro

Spines Pro is perfect for committed students and little study or work groups. Our Pro plan gets you unlimited paths and study materials, team paths to collaborate with up to 10 people in any of your paths, and absolute control to share in private your ideas with anyone.

Spines Plus

Spines Plus is simply HUGE: a custom plan for your college, university or company with as many accounts as you need, with every advantage of the Pro plan and none of the limitations. Spines Plus offers volume discounts and you will enjoy personalized support while setting up your plan.

Spines One

And of course, we have a free plan for you to study wathever you want: Spines One, with 50 study paths, unlimited materials and online publishing. A learning machine at your service, so you can discover all its potential.

## Wait a minute… in what plan is my account now?

Very simple: every Spines account has been automatically upgraded to a 4 month free trial of the Spines Pro plan, so you can see for yourself how beautifully it performs. At the end of your free trial period, if you decide not to renew, we will transfer your account to the free Spines One plan.

I have more questions

We have more answers in the pricing page and in our Learn Center. Tell us in Twitter or Facebook how do you like it. Now, choose your plan and keep learning.

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