Spines One is here. Long live your ideas

Pablo Jimeno
Published on
January 19, 2016

We are launching today Spines One, the free, feature complete version of Spines. Our vision of a simpler and more efficient way of building knowledge for any kind of learners. A product that combines evidence based learning strategies and simple pragmatic design principles to empower learners.

Rather than dig up piles of paper notes, lose track of your best ideas in some school/work vendor application, infinitely accumulate unread material, and take notes that you never get to process, we have built a consistent tool that merges with your current learning practices and helps you improve from there.

spines web

To mark the occasion, we have built a new website where you can learn more about our product. Over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing more on how to get the most out Spines. Right now, here’s what you can enjoy:

New Features

Improved sharing: As usual, you can publish your work online, but now you can also share your path privately. Pass around a simple link and people will be able to read it and grab a copy, while your version remains unchanged. A great way to share your work in progress, to ask colleagues for feedback, or to deliver your final draft to your teacher or boss.

Teams: You can now build your own teams of people in Spines to collaborate in anything you can dream of. Work together in a path with your study mates, share all your ideas and materials, and track effort and progress of each member of the team with easy to read statistics.

Copy paths: Yes, you can now copy whole paths! Everything you publish or share privately can be now copied and improved upon. It’s like lending each other our college notes, just —ahem— more legible. And faster. And a whole lot more convenient, if you ask me.

spines team

Learn like a Pro

Spines One is the free version, a nice way to test if it suits your needs, specially for people with single projects. To enjoy every feature without limit, we will be soon offering the Spines Pro version, a full featured workhorse.

There’s also Spines Plus, a dedicated version for institutions, enterprises and large groups. We offer discounts for this kind of groups, so get in touch to learn more.

Take a look at our new website and create your free Spines One account.

Learn better with Spines.

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