We are all students

Today it is impossible to stop learning: you want to know more to keep growing and improving, and the world is constantly evolving. The need for for training throughout your life is a requirement in most work environments. How can you manage all that knowledge? Say hello to Spines.

Spines is the only solution to manage your knowledge that goes beyond resource gathering or reporting. Learning is just what happens between those two actions: when you elaborate on ideas and make them your own. Spines puts you in control of your learning.

Spines improves your note-taking, eases your organization and makes possible to connect your ideas and recycle your knowledge.

A place to learn, teach and create.

Spines helps you manage information so you can learn from it and then transmit your knowledge. We have created Spines to help you learn, not just to study more or in a better way. We have built it because we need it, too. Spines is great for both students and professors, as well as researchers, engineers or writers. If you want to improve your knowledge management, Spines will help.

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3 steps to learn for real


Take notes, write your ideas and capture your study materials directly from any source to store them in Spines. Gather all your knowledge in one place.

Capture, elaborate and share


Break down information into pieces. Summarize. Write with your own words to simplify and understand everything. Connect new ideas with your previously stored data to build your personal network of knowledge.


Share your work online or privately. There is no better strategy for learning than teaching. Make a team to work together or go solo for a while. Get feedback from your peers or send your work for review. Keep improving with every thing you share.

The paths of knowledge are unlimited

Studying for hours on end without motivation is not the best strategy to learn. Neither is reading or listening to lectures without taking some notes. The best thing you can do to start learning right now is to improve your notes and review them periodically.

All the information you keep in Spines is always available to organize it anyway you want. Create a new path by theme, subject or book. Recycle last year ideas. Prepare the class you’re going to teach. Share and collaborate with others. Review, improve and continue.

Learning is building on top of what you already know. Keep going.

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Mind over material

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Remember: you need your ideas, not the ones from the material. Read, write and summarize in your own words the most important subjects. Contrast that with your ideas. Criticize it. Doubt it. Understand it. See what you achieve? Now that material is yours forever.

Your study materials are food for your ideas. That’s why Spines stores them in your paths and allows you to connect them with all the ideas you will extract. Find them perfectly organized in your Materials Library, share them as you please between your different paths and, above all, make them yours.

Evolve your ideas

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Ideas do not appear out of nothing. They grow and combine. They fight and survive. Ideas evolve, and every one of them is the result of a long chain of connections.

Connect notes, ideas and materials you add to Spines to create your own personal knowledge network. Obtain everything you know, from everything that interests you—including their sources. All this information interconnected, organized and with a search engine. That’s evolution.

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Share what you have learned

Sharing what you know and collaborating with others is a very efficient way to expand your point of view and continue learning. It is also the best way of generating new ideas that you might not have had by yourself.

Share a path privately to ask for opinions or to submit an assignment. Publish it online for everybody to access. Create a team and collaborate in the same path with your peers. You can even copy paths from other people to learn from them or modify them as you see fit.

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Communicate your ideas as you want

It doesn’t matter in what stage of your work you are. Making a presentation with Spines only requires one click to transform the ideas from your path into a final document or a slideshow, directly from your browser.

Just like downloading a Word document with all your ideas to send to anyone. Click. Or seeing a graph with all the connections from your path. Click. Flexible from the beginning to the end.

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Your ideas go with you

Take your ideas always with you on the Spines now mobile and tablet app. Jot down what you want directly in your paths.

When you are back on your computer, you get to use the Chrome extension to add ideas to your paths from any website you visit.

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Capture, elaborate and share

Learn better