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Spines combines nicely with college and university courses and nurtures the organization, teamwork and personal development that is often required for learning.

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Dreams, studies, passions and work. We are ready to follow a thousand paths.

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Spines helps students, teachers and institutions alike. Here’s how.

Education is rapidly evolving and the labor market changes incessantly. Both demand people with new and varied skills to perform well in complex scenarios. Increasingly, lifelong learners are needed.

Most education technologies are focused on the development of foundational literacies, but they are only innovating in ways of content delivery.

Students are able to get good marks just by passively listening to lectures and then cramming for the exams, but this knowledge tends to fade away very quickly. Spines provides a framework that allows students and teachers to grow ideas and consolidate knowledge together.

Spines fills the gap between content providers and students, empowering all kinds of learners with true ownership of their knowledge. Spines keeps that knowledge alive and helps you to connect the ideas that turn into creativity and real genius.

It's a life-changing experience

Education pushes you in new, unexpected directions. Choose to walk the best path.

Spines is a powerful learning tool and a better way to attain real knowledge. Flexible enough to use in any kind of learning endeavour, Spines helps the students to perform and the teachers to instruct.

Meet Spines. Made for students, teachers and schools.

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We are lifelong learners. And you?

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Spines courses

Our courses for students, educational institutions and companies help establish useful learning strategies that become a leap forward in your ability to deal with the acquisition, comprehension and retention of new knowledge.

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Universidad de Zaragoza

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Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Zaragoza