Spines for companies

Spines eases knowledge management and remote collaboration of work teams, and allows to teach, improve and share the company's wisdom amongst its employees.

Collaborative knowledge

Even for motivated people, it is often difficult to manage the company's knowledge and deliver it to those who need it at the right moment.

Spines creates a common space in the company where, apart from learning, you can build and share knowledge.

We help your company to build deep and lasting knowledge.

Spines is so simple to use that you can create your account in one minute and start using it right now.

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A collective memory

Spines enables you to create learning paths on any subject of interest. Paths contain ideas, notes and observations that may be connected with each other and with external resources such as web pages or PDF files.

Any authorized person can use the paths to consult, expand, export, publish or share the information they contain.

Spines is the living documentation of your company, to which everyone can contribute from their own area of expertise.

Connect your team's ideas

Spines can manage teams of people for in-house or remote collaboration.

With no imposed rules for working or studying, Spines is so flexible that you can use it for any task that requires note-taking, learning, knowledge management, documentation, publishing or work collaboration with one or more people.

Training for companies

The essence of all our knowledge on management, organization and learning.

Organizaciones que aprenden

Personal learning
Aprendizaje personal
Aprender a aprender y sistema personal de aprendizaje.

Principios y prácticas para fomentar el aprendizaje y la comprensión de las personas en la organización.

Identificación de estrategias de aprendizaje basadas en evidencia vs. mitos y falsas intuiciones.

Team learning
Aprendizaje de equipos
Estrategias para el aprendizaje colectivo y tecnologías en la creación de un flujo de aprendizaje.

Principios y prácticas para la distribución del conocimiento.

Metacognición y prácticas de aprendizaje en equipo.

Feedback loop. Comunicación y convenios de aprendizaje.

Organization learning
Aprendizaje de organizaciones
Elaboración de estrategias en la organización que aprende.

Estrategias de visualización de las necesidades y los resultados del aprendizaje.

Systems thinking. Estrategia global de aprendizaje de equipos.

We'll host this workshop in your favorite office, hotel or convention center.

We'll host this workshop in your favorite office, hotel or convention center.

For those walking the path

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Flexible And Free

From just labeling a single idea to exporting fully-formed documents, Spines serves a lot of different purposes on your way to learning.

Check out every Spines feature here.

Spines training

The Spines workshops and talks help people and organizations to identify and improve their learning strategies based on scientific evidence. Our goal is to promote the development of long-life learners that manage information better and solve novel problems.

Learning with Spines

Universidad de Zaragoza

Universidad de Zaragoza

Escuela universitaria de turismo de Zaragoza

Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Zaragoza