Learning is connect

How could you learn better? Most people simply read the same text several times. Some people highlight the text, take notes or make sketches, but there is a better way to learn.

Connecting your ideas reinforces your learning.

We at Spines know this: you can learn what you want in a deeper and more efficient way if you create relationships between the ideas you study. A way of working that we call evolutionary, because that's how your brain stores information.

Existing digital tools do not improve that aspect of learning. That's why they don't seem to help too much. Spines is designed so you can learn anything you want, creating connections between your ideas and your study materials.

Get ready: we are going to make some new connections in your brain.

Why do giraffes have such long necks? If you can make this connection, you will never forget it.


Your best ideas are the most connected

Connecting ideas means elaborating and describing their relationships with each other. This invites you to reflect and drives you to improve the thinking habits that help you assimilate a deeper, more related and longer lasting knowledge.

Every connection adds new information to the context of what you have already learned, so new ideas make sense immediately and help to broaden and strengthen the knowledge you had already acquired. contribuyen a ampliar y reforzar el conocimiento que ya habías adquirido.

When you connect ideas from your notes with your own thoughts, your brain marks them as important and increases the probability of remembering all this new information in a natural way.

Connections in Galápagos

A great idea is understood in depth when you discover their relationships with previous ideas and similar observations.

Learn from the connections that led Darwin from the Galapagos Islands to the origin of species.

Explore the connections


Keep exploring

The more relationships you make, the deeper you go into learning the subjects you connect and the easier it is to remember that information.

The connections you create allow you to draw original conclusions and get new ideas and unexpected relationships that take you to places otherwise unattainable.

You create the new connections.

Add the ability to view, filter and reconnect each of those connections in the context in which they were created to get instant access to every aspect of your ideas, organized by the connections that you have defined.

Just like your brain works.

Just like Spines works.

See what you are thinking

The connections you make between your ideas help you to reflect and to give meaning to the existing relationships. This way, you are able to understand in depth the topic you are working on and immerse yourself completely in your studies.


Here you can see all your ideas and connections to explore their relationships.


Add, correct and improve your connections from a global view.


Describe your connections to reflect and understand deeply all your subjects.

Available now in all your Spines paths.

Link your ideas together

The Spines connections map has a huge span of practical applications that allow you to learn in a more efficient, deep and entertaining way.

Connect questions and answers

Create your own self-assessment tests to judge your progress in each of your subjects.

Describe the relationships

If you have well-defined relationships between the connections in every important aspect of your ideas, it is very difficult to forget because they become part of a narrative.

Link ideas with learning outcomes or skills

If you are enrolled in a course and know in advance the learning outcomes or skills you will acquire, connect your ideas to show what you have achieved.

Design a timeline

Dates are more significant when you understand the context and the important events taking place at the same time.

Make logical idea pairs

Premise and deduction. Experiment and result. Causes and consequences… It is easier to understand and learn in depth guided by what the connections share than to memorize isolated fragments of information.

Invent your own way of connecting

There's no strict method to follow, here you make the decisions. Any way of linking ideas together helps you to reflect, understand and learn more deeply. Do you have a better idea? Go ahead and try it.

Keep exploring

Your learning does not stop where traditional education ends. You keep learning every day, every time you discover a new way of doing things.

You have to strengthen and expand all your new knowledge. Turn the shallow into deep, if you want it to be useful. Put into practice better thinking habits and develop a stronger learning strategy.

We want people who think deeply, who connect related ideas and build more coherent and robust knowledge. We can explain the world to ourselves in a more efficient, connected and shared manner.

Every path goes as far as you want.

Keep exploring.

This article is yours

The content of this article is available as a public path in Spines, where you can copy, study and modify it anyway you want. Get your own copy. Start to learn better.

Learn better

Learn better

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