Flexible and free

From labeling a single idea to exporting fully-formed documents,
Spines serves a lot of different purposes on your way to learning.

spines features ui

Always accesible toolbar.

View your work as an ideas list, an exportable document or a slides presentation.

Write, organize, sort, edit and label your ideas.

Make connections between your ideas and materials.

Keep your study materials on the sidebar for quick access.

Get rid of your static documents

Filter and transform information at will. A path is so much more than a list of ideas.

Ideas list preview
  • Create a path for every subject of study and fill it with your ideas and the materials you need.

  • Write, edit, sort and reorder ideas. Insert links, images and data tables easily. Organize, reuse and improve your information.

  • Instantly filter the ideas and materials in your path to find exactly what you are looking for.

  • Make connections between your ideas and materials to grow your personal information network.

  • View your work as an ideas list, an exportable document or a slides presentation.

  • Spines supports simple Markdown formatting for your ideas, an easy way of adding some style to your work, including links, images and lists.

Explore your own universe of knowledge

Augment, connect and reuse your study materials like you never dreamed before.

Materials library preview
  • Add materials to your path or reuse previously collected ones from your Materials Library.

  • Edit your materials to change the description or augment them by adding tags and connections to another paths.

  • Preview your materials directly from your path, or use the expanded view to focus on it. Need to visit the source again? Click. Done.

  • Sort, filter and reorder your Materials Library anyway you like it. This is your personal repository of knowledge.

  • Every material is a idea collection. Open the expanded view to list all the ideas connected to one particular material.

For those walking the path

Capture your ideas with the Spines now mobile app or Chrome extension.

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Learning with Spines

Universidad de Zaragoza

Universidad de Zaragoza

Escuela universitaria de turismo de Zaragoza

Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Zaragoza

Spines for education

Spines is a powerful learning tool and a better way to attain real knowledge. Flexible enough to use in any kind of learning endeavour, Spines helps the students to perform and the teachers to instruct.

Spines combines nicely with college and university courses and nurtures the organization, teamwork and personal development that is often required for learning. Find out how Spines can help your institution..

...and company

Spines eases knowledge management and remote collaboration of work teams, and allows to teach, improve and share the company's wisdom amongst its employees.

Spines creates a common space in the company where, apart from learning, you can build and share knowledge.

Learners are fearless

We are students. Writers. Scientists.
We are lifelong learners. And you?

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Our courses for students, educational institutions and companies help establish useful learning strategies that become a leap forward in your ability to deal with the acquisition, comprehension and retention of new knowledge.